Find a way…

I believe in good in people and that everyone can change. It might be stupid, but our faith in good is the reason why we are strong, and why we can stand up after a downfall. There are a lot of people around us and they try to control and destroy everything. They want us to live the way they think it is the best. But they are wrong. Nobody beside us can decide what makes us happy. But because we are good and don’t want to hurt anyone we try to make other happy. And this is also wrong. Apart from that it doesn’t even work. ‘Cause it is almost impossible to make others happy without being happy ourselves. For this reason find a way to push your dreams out of your brain into reality. Believe that we all can have a happy ending. It is just a question of perspective: Do you want to get angry by little things, or do you prefer to be happy by little things? Make your own decision…


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