Take a little risk

We live, we love and we make mistakes. How else should it be? Living without love? Living without making any mistakes? A new born child can´t learn how to walk without falling down once, twice or a lot of times. Sometimes we ran, sometimes we just take one step after another to be sure and safe. But at least we try and go forward. We try to reach love, we try to reach happiness. On the way to find what we want we fall, we take wrong paths and even get rejected. That is how it should be. It is impossible that LIfe, Love or Happiness get valuable if we don’t fight for it. Although those mistakes are reminding bad memories we shouldn’t try to forget them. Our past and the decisions we made have create who we are now. So tell me, who are you?

Have you listened to your gut and tried so that your good feelings turns into something real? Or have you listened to the voices and minds of others, who always thinks to know what is best for you. If so … maaan you are probably walking with some reaaall deeeeep regrets through this world.


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