Reality vs. Fairytale

I knew i talk about how we are supposed to live: don´t fear anything, never give up, go after your dreams and such things. It is always easier to create something in your mind, to imagine how it should be than actually live it. It is really hard, really really very hard. I know, feel and live it every day, every damn day i am walking through my life having another one in my mind. I had convinced myself that i have no other choice, but in fact every reason i found was just an excuse. Honesty i don’t know how to overcome my fears. The only thing i do, is to be patient. I am waiting patiently … but waiting for what? Right at this point my mind creates a new life. A life, in which everything is possible. But i am not Alice and i am not in Wonderland. Sometimes i wish my story could start with “once upon a time” and have a happing ending after all. But the reality is not a fairytale. I have to wake up and start to act…


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