The World is upside down

The World has gone crazy. How can we expect love and hope in a place like Gaza? The children are growing up in a war and with hate. They are surrounded by violence.  They are lost in darkness. Everyday they have to handle a new problem, a new lost in the family, a new nightmare. They are living through the day without the insurance of tomorrow. Some of them don’t know what home means, what love means, what silence means. Because those things have been taken away from them. Their houses are bombed. Their parents are killed. And if they are „lucky“ they will survive, they will have a life …. without any childhood and any family.

So i am asking again: How can we expect from these children to feel any love, to feel any hope, to feel anything good?

It may be easy for us to live a happy life, but it is difficult for them. What did they do wrong to deserve this?



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