Dreams over dreams

I could write another „Thousand and One Night“ because my dreams are as colorful as no-one can imagine. So I realized my life is based on that. But sometimes i get the fear that those dreams are gonna stay just as dreams. Well that would be a nightmare, wouldn’t it… what a irony.

So what would be better? Having someone beside you who has the same dreams like you? Or someone who makes your dreams possible. Older (or „wiser“, how they would call themselves) people like to say: „Choose the one who loves you more than you love him. Don’t be the lover. Be the beloved one.“.

I experienced that everything is connected like a circle. Every decision you make is the right one and depends only on the moment. No-one has the right to say you are wrong. Besides what is right or wrong? If you say the sky is red, even if it is actually blue, than it is for you! Because you defined the color the sky has as red. So who am I (or anyone else) to judge you.

Live your life the way you think it is right. And don’t go to sleep to have a dream. Let the dream come to your life at daylight. Even if it seems impossible, do your best. Don’t be like everyone else. Those who posts a lot of picture on Instagram, how great their life’s are. Don’t try to catch up. Don’t copy and paste. Create your own life with your own dreams.

Be proud that you are different …



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