No name

People come people go but who stays is the one you see in the mirrow. Who do you wanna become? 

The mistakes we made has started to create the person we are now and who we are gonna be. Think: Can you live with yourself ? Can you go to bed and sleep well without thinking about what past and what might happens next? 

Yes the most of us can! Because we don’t even see anymore if we make a mistake. We got lost in this world. We got lost in our own personality. All I can see is one empty face after another. There isn’t a name any more. All the same. No one  has a reason at all to do anything good for others just to do so. Nothing is without any price anymore. Everyone has his own agenda and bleeds for it. No one cares and sure no one loves truely. 

Now just stop for a minute and start to think about everything else than yourself. Start to care and start to feel, not for yourself, but for others. And please don’t start to speak if you don’t truely mean it. If you wanna lie to yourself be my guest but stop to lie and to feed others with empty hopes… 


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