Fake it ‚till it’s real 

Today’s issue is nationality. Time to time I noticed that humanity has no call in this world. It just depends on from which country you are or not. Media is overrolled by the government and the people think it is free-will. But actually it is a perfect act. You all are blinded by democracy while democracy only exists in books. You think you have an opinion on something but actually you have been played and you think right the way you are supposed to do, not more, not less. You are not feeling negative about a nation because this nation is bad, no no no, not any nation can be bad. Bad are the people and those people are surrounded by all of us. Your feelings about other nations, be it positive or negative, are defined by the media called government itself with a fake democracy in its pocket, where nationality has been written in bold typ and kicked humanity out of the race.

Do you really know the definition of democracy or are you excepting all facts the media provides without thinking twice?


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