But I am HAPPY (!)

Well, when I was a little child I was happy. I was playing around and laughing out loud without any thought of tomorrow. How couldn’t I? I didn’t know what tomorrow meant. But whenever I started to grow up, to be a young adult, everyone around said the same thing „Do it later, when you get married“.

So I waited  for a man, so I can have a life again, so that this man could push „start“ on the TV-television show „my-life“ …

Well I didn’t get married so I was depressed for a while.

Actually no, not really. Because all I wanted and still want, is to enjoy life. Better: to enjoy just the day. I don’t care if there is a man beside me or not. I am happy the way things are. And if you ask me: Marriage is overrated. You don’t need a marriage which is not real. And if it’s not real it means you don’t share a life. Yes sharing this is my point. I don’t want anyone in my life, be it a man or a friend, which whom I can’t share my life, my day or my laugh with. 

And you know why? Because sharing makes me smile, it makes me happy. 

I want to stay happy. 


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