Safe and Sound

Everyone tries to fit in in larger groups, because we all wanna be a part of something, something bigger than us. We wanna feel safe and sound. And hell no, we don’t wanna have the feeling being alone in this damn world. So we adapt ourselves and get lost. We start to forget who we are, what our values are and how we wanna live. We get lost in arrogance because we feel secure enough to think that nothing can hustle us from the cozy chair we are sitting on. So we do mistakes, we do things we wouldn’t do usually. Because we act without thinking. Because we forget to think…

Today I know, more than ever, I don’t wanna be a part of a group.

The only thing I wanna be a part of is my family, where i can be myself with all my rights and wrongs. Everything else is just a lie to be not a lone.


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