Ying yang and such things…

Everything is based on contrast. Nothing is simple, nothing is easy and especially not how it seems to be. Like a medallion and its two sides, so has everyone two personalities, even if they don’t accept it. No one is an „inside-out“ or an „open-book“. someone who is loud and crazy is mostly just broken inside and tries to cover it up. And someone who is silent like a mouse is perhaps just planning a crapy game in his head to destroy others but mostly themselves without knowing. The point is there is a whole other world in everyone’s mind. We don’t know how crazy, how bad or how great it is and we can’t. All we can see is what we are allowed to see. 

But nature says that humans make mistakes, so sometimes those mistakes open a little window to the hidden secrets. Don’t be disappointed if you see something you don’t like or aprove. Because like the fact that darknes can’t live without lightnes and vice versa, so it is with bad and good. 

We all have some bad and some good sides of us. Don’t be afraid, be open to accept yourself and those who surrounds you. Just try to overrule „the bad“. 


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