Some of you would say that age doesn’t matter. But it does and mostly til around the 30’s. In every age you perceive the things around you differently because your brain saves the past even without your knowledge. When you were born you (first of all) learn the basics about life; how to breath, how to eat, how to walk and than finally to speak. After accomplishing that you learn how to connect to people other than your family. You start to school surrounded with a lot of strangers who quickly became your friends. Everything seems so great because a child is pure with his actions and intentions. But when you get older you start to rebell and have this judgy glasses on your nose… you question everything and everyone. With time you learn that you get to be understand if you start to understand others. And so the first steps have been made in changing your perspective with graduating school. You become a young adult with a lot of dreams… You are shining and running but forgetting what’s important. Now it’s time for your biggest mistakes in life, which will define you and what you really want. You will fall once, you will fall twice … Don’t worry it only makes you stronger. At the end you realize that you shouldn’t trust all people and you get waved back to your family and true friends who already shown their loyalty. Because near the 30th you get bored of childish drama and wish for your younger lying „friends“

to get their shit together and finally to grow up!


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