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In you

You’ll never know what is going on in someone’s life. What someone is dealing with and how many tears are being hold back… there is always a different story in someone’s soul than in it’s acting. 

But nevertheless everyone is trying to find a reason to be happy, to find a reason to smile… but in the end they fail, because they have already forgotten that out of every bad thing some good stuff comes out. Always…

Start to count and you will realize there is more good in and around you than you know. You can’t be happy tomorrow, if you don’t believe that you can now. It was and will be always in you no matter what happens. Be strong, not for others, but for yourself and continue to fight for your happiness. I am sure you will find your own way back to your soul. 


Find joy

Some of us are taking a step backward to watch their life taking off alone. They let others decide which course to take, but wonders afterwords why time flew away so fast… 

Don’t be suprise if you find yourself in the middle of a whole big world where you feel uncomfortable because you don’t recognize yourself or anything else…

If you want some changes you need to man up and take responsibility for what happened. Stop blaming others and stop claiming. Go solo for a while and clear your head. Try new things and bring some adventures into your life. Feel a little joy … 

Positive vibes 

More than ever I am cocksure:

Don’t let other’s mistakes change your pure intentions to believe in people. 

Hope doesn’t come along with failures and as hell not with breakdowns. But with those the game starts: Negativity messes around with your head and tells you that you don’t deserve it better. Don’t pay attention because YOU DO! No one should be treated like shit, no one should be lied to, no one should be betrayed. And if that happens it is not your shame to carry, it is not your conscience to be cleared. Don’t take their guilt away. Be brave and don’t loose your positivity. 

But I am HAPPY (!)

Well, when I was a little child I was happy. I was playing around and laughing out loud without any thought of tomorrow. How couldn’t I? I didn’t know what tomorrow meant. But whenever I started to grow up, to be a young adult, everyone around said the same thing „Do it later, when you get married“.

So I waited  for a man, so I can have a life again, so that this man could push „start“ on the TV-television show „my-life“ …

Well I didn’t get married so I was depressed for a while.

Actually no, not really. Because all I wanted and still want, is to enjoy life. Better: to enjoy just the day. I don’t care if there is a man beside me or not. I am happy the way things are. And if you ask me: Marriage is overrated. You don’t need a marriage which is not real. And if it’s not real it means you don’t share a life. Yes sharing this is my point. I don’t want anyone in my life, be it a man or a friend, which whom I can’t share my life, my day or my laugh with. 

And you know why? Because sharing makes me smile, it makes me happy. 

I want to stay happy. 

Take a little risk

We live, we love and we make mistakes. How else should it be? Living without love? Living without making any mistakes? A new born child can´t learn how to walk without falling down once, twice or a lot of times. Sometimes we ran, sometimes we just take one step after another to be sure and safe. But at least we try and go forward. We try to reach love, we try to reach happiness. On the way to find what we want we fall, we take wrong paths and even get rejected. That is how it should be. It is impossible that LIfe, Love or Happiness get valuable if we don’t fight for it. Although those mistakes are reminding bad memories we shouldn’t try to forget them. Our past and the decisions we made have create who we are now. So tell me, who are you?

Have you listened to your gut and tried so that your good feelings turns into something real? Or have you listened to the voices and minds of others, who always thinks to know what is best for you. If so … maaan you are probably walking with some reaaall deeeeep regrets through this world.

Don´t worry, Be happy!

I banished stress from my life and welcomed joy with open arms. I am gonna say “don’t worry, be happy!” again and again. If you want trouble, stay the hell away from me! If you want it easy-going, join the world and me. Lets show everybody that life can be beautiful! (I sound a little bit like a hippie, but it’s ok, at least better than an “agro”, who turns every little thing into drama) I certainly don’t need drama, I need life, which is really valuable and unfortunatly also too short…

Ps: I am on an “ignore-trip”. Even if you say or do stupid things, which may lead to stress, I DON’T CARE!!!

I just don’t care anymore…

Find a way…

I believe in good in people and that everyone can change. It might be stupid, but our faith in good is the reason why we are strong, and why we can stand up after a downfall. There are a lot of people around us and they try to control and destroy everything. They want us to live the way they think it is the best. But they are wrong. Nobody beside us can decide what makes us happy. But because we are good and don’t want to hurt anyone we try to make other happy. And this is also wrong. Apart from that it doesn’t even work. ‘Cause it is almost impossible to make others happy without being happy ourselves. For this reason find a way to push your dreams out of your brain into reality. Believe that we all can have a happy ending. It is just a question of perspective: Do you want to get angry by little things, or do you prefer to be happy by little things? Make your own decision…