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Mind blowing

Those days which are full of emptiness block you from being free. Open your mind, let it observe the energy around you. Because only your mind can accomplish the integrity of development. Your mind is in charge of your beauty, which is related to seeming young & fresh. Don’t read to much into things. That is just exhausting and eats you up. Use your energy for running after your dreams, for running after what feels right and not what is right … You have to feel it with all your guts, you have to want and love it … 

Logical decisions may stand for a life time stability but it doesn’t allow you to gain absolute experience of all the emotions you could get from life. For better or worse it is worse to walk around with no brain function than to feel anything else. Life shouldn’t be safe, life should have his up and downs, only this way we can find true peace.


Bottom up

Don’t think it can’t get worst because it can. Right when you think you got it all under control life gives you another slap. It only gets better when you arrive to the deep end, when you get to the bottom of the bottle. Because then you know there are some things you can’t control. 

Accept that life is a challenge and you just a gamer. You are allowed to dream and make plans, sure! But don’t get tooo fixiated. Be open to changes, be open to the idea that everything is placebal. 

Don’t waste your time walking through the tunnel thinking about the next 4 or 5 pathes you are suppose to take so your plan works out. Just walk and even dance a little bit and decide wich path to take when the time comes and the options appear. 

Now it must go up!

Ying yang and such things…

Everything is based on contrast. Nothing is simple, nothing is easy and especially not how it seems to be. Like a medallion and its two sides, so has everyone two personalities, even if they don’t accept it. No one is an „inside-out“ or an „open-book“. someone who is loud and crazy is mostly just broken inside and tries to cover it up. And someone who is silent like a mouse is perhaps just planning a crapy game in his head to destroy others but mostly themselves without knowing. The point is there is a whole other world in everyone’s mind. We don’t know how crazy, how bad or how great it is and we can’t. All we can see is what we are allowed to see. 

But nature says that humans make mistakes, so sometimes those mistakes open a little window to the hidden secrets. Don’t be disappointed if you see something you don’t like or aprove. Because like the fact that darknes can’t live without lightnes and vice versa, so it is with bad and good. 

We all have some bad and some good sides of us. Don’t be afraid, be open to accept yourself and those who surrounds you. Just try to overrule „the bad“. 

Back to ZERO

Life doesn’t start over with new eves. But nevertheless everyone is making new plans, taking new decisions. „This year I will do it right. Yes, this year I will do it better.“ First it seems to work, because the motivation has been grown up to the sky. But some days later everything is like the old days. One old habit after another comes around and so we wait till next new eve to take „new“ decisions and to try again.

I say don’t wait and don’t push it too far away. If there is a thing you want to change do it now and do it fast! Don’t be satisfied, be happy!

They may not be a next time…

Reality vs. Fairytale

I knew i talk about how we are supposed to live: don´t fear anything, never give up, go after your dreams and such things. It is always easier to create something in your mind, to imagine how it should be than actually live it. It is really hard, really really very hard. I know, feel and live it every day, every damn day i am walking through my life having another one in my mind. I had convinced myself that i have no other choice, but in fact every reason i found was just an excuse. Honesty i don’t know how to overcome my fears. The only thing i do, is to be patient. I am waiting patiently … but waiting for what? Right at this point my mind creates a new life. A life, in which everything is possible. But i am not Alice and i am not in Wonderland. Sometimes i wish my story could start with “once upon a time” and have a happing ending after all. But the reality is not a fairytale. I have to wake up and start to act…


There are some good and also some bad memories, we can’t forget. And we shouldn’t. Never! Either way those memories are priceless.

The good ones are a light for life. It means hope and strength. The bad ones are like a brand or a scar. It describes the pain we felt and we still feel.

But exactly those bad memories are the reason why the good memories are so valuable. The pain prevent mistakes from happening again.

Good memories are hope, bad memories are a warning. Both of them should come along with us on our way to the future. But it should never ever affect our future.

What happened, that happened …

Plan B for life

We all wanna do such things like leaving everything behind or quit our jobs. But to know there is no back stops us from acting our thoughts. To fantasize is the easiest part. But fantasies are based on our personal imagination of life and how it should be and definitly not how it is. Perhaps deep down we know that and we know that our acting wouldn’t end like our fantasized life. Because life always double cross’ our plans. Does that mean we should give up on dreaming? Don’t you dare! Keep dreaming and keep trying to live in a better world. Just don’t forget your plan B! ;)