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Mind blowing

Those days which are full of emptiness block you from being free. Open your mind, let it observe the energy around you. Because only your mind can accomplish the integrity of development. Your mind is in charge of your beauty, which is related to seeming young & fresh. Don’t read to much into things. That is just exhausting and eats you up. Use your energy for running after your dreams, for running after what feels right and not what is right … You have to feel it with all your guts, you have to want and love it … 

Logical decisions may stand for a life time stability but it doesn’t allow you to gain absolute experience of all the emotions you could get from life. For better or worse it is worse to walk around with no brain function than to feel anything else. Life shouldn’t be safe, life should have his up and downs, only this way we can find true peace.


In you

You’ll never know what is going on in someone’s life. What someone is dealing with and how many tears are being hold back… there is always a different story in someone’s soul than in it’s acting. 

But nevertheless everyone is trying to find a reason to be happy, to find a reason to smile… but in the end they fail, because they have already forgotten that out of every bad thing some good stuff comes out. Always…

Start to count and you will realize there is more good in and around you than you know. You can’t be happy tomorrow, if you don’t believe that you can now. It was and will be always in you no matter what happens. Be strong, not for others, but for yourself and continue to fight for your happiness. I am sure you will find your own way back to your soul. 

Bottom up

Don’t think it can’t get worst because it can. Right when you think you got it all under control life gives you another slap. It only gets better when you arrive to the deep end, when you get to the bottom of the bottle. Because then you know there are some things you can’t control. 

Accept that life is a challenge and you just a gamer. You are allowed to dream and make plans, sure! But don’t get tooo fixiated. Be open to changes, be open to the idea that everything is placebal. 

Don’t waste your time walking through the tunnel thinking about the next 4 or 5 pathes you are suppose to take so your plan works out. Just walk and even dance a little bit and decide wich path to take when the time comes and the options appear. 

Now it must go up!


You see what you wanna see and not what is in front of you. But either way everyone is right in his/her mind. Everyone has a different view and gets other emotions out of happened situations. Does it make us a bad person? No, of course not. It is not a crime to think or even to overthink. In fact it is in our nature to be skeptic. Then again how would you explain the ideas, innovations and experiments great men and women had in the last centuries? Even when 1 million said the world is flat there was one person who said otherwise.

Everything starts within your mind. Change your perception and you will change your life. 

Find joy

Some of us are taking a step backward to watch their life taking off alone. They let others decide which course to take, but wonders afterwords why time flew away so fast… 

Don’t be suprise if you find yourself in the middle of a whole big world where you feel uncomfortable because you don’t recognize yourself or anything else…

If you want some changes you need to man up and take responsibility for what happened. Stop blaming others and stop claiming. Go solo for a while and clear your head. Try new things and bring some adventures into your life. Feel a little joy … 


You know what?! 

I am the worst! 

Because I am terrible in reading people! I really really really want to see the good in people, to believe in people and to trust in people. But it’s getter harder and harder and even a little bit impossible. This last year I learnt that you can’t be sure of anything. Everything can change like *boom*

So what now?

Let’s find a dark corner and start to cry. Cry baby cry. Cry till your eyes get red. 

HA! That is the easiest way and beside that what does it get us? Only a broken heart and a demaged mind.

I worked hard to become who I am and I am not giving up trying to stay that way. I successfully banished hate and anger out of my heart and mind many many years ago. Now I am gonna banish those people who try to put them back into my life. Yes, it is a little sad to let some in only to cross them out. But you can’t see the future so I am gonna open that door again and again till I found the apple which isn’t poisoned. 

Positive vibes 

More than ever I am cocksure:

Don’t let other’s mistakes change your pure intentions to believe in people. 

Hope doesn’t come along with failures and as hell not with breakdowns. But with those the game starts: Negativity messes around with your head and tells you that you don’t deserve it better. Don’t pay attention because YOU DO! No one should be treated like shit, no one should be lied to, no one should be betrayed. And if that happens it is not your shame to carry, it is not your conscience to be cleared. Don’t take their guilt away. Be brave and don’t loose your positivity.