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The heart has got shot. Its bleeding from the inside. The brain is in a shock. No emotions, no feelings. But there they are: the tears drop one by one to the cheek…

Noone can hold them back, not anymore, its over. The heart knows it and so will the brain. The decision has been made. Hope isn’t lost, hope is dead. Thats why the tears can’t stop: the heart is grieving, the funeral has arrived.

Heart and brain need to pull it together and get to the same page again. Because apart the pain is twice as much. But the way out of this  misery seems quit difficult. Remember just because it seems to be, doesn’t mean it has to be.





I am in love with you, since the first time I saw your smile. But it wasn’t your smile that convinced me. It was your eyes. There was a story behind. I could see it, i could feel it. I knew you were the one. Deep down i still believe in it. But it can’t be a real love. Because real love means destiny. And destiny didn’t show up in our story. That is why i tried so hard to forget you. But still you are there. Even if I can’t see you in real life, you show up in my dreams. Again and again. You are there and I can’t do anything about it. You left a little hole in my heart that couldn’t  close, that couldn’t heal. Or perhaps you didn’t left a hole behind, you took a piece of my heart with you. Because i wasn’t able to feel anything good for someone else since you…

Love it!

Life?! Life is love. Life is beauty.

Don’t you see it? – Wake up!

Take a step out of your house and welcome the world. For more important life is what you make of it. Your decisions have brought you where you are now.

Don’t you like it? – Change it!

Think about what makes you sad or angry and come to new decisions. Life is short, but never mean. Mean are those, who are jealous and envious. If you believe in yourself you will reach everything you want. Just get rid of your bad emotions.

Love the life and never give up.