1 vs. 2

A heart wonders around till it finds his other half. Two hearts are the same as one. But without the other it is broken, it is empty. With the other it grows to his maximum potential. What one can’t do on his own, two has the power to accomplish. Even if it is possible to stand and fight alone … It is as hard as hell also f***ing lonely. Not a single soul is meant to live alone … 

Find it in your heart to love one another.


Positive vibes 

More than ever I am cocksure:

Don’t let other’s mistakes change your pure intentions to believe in people. 

Hope doesn’t come along with failures and as hell not with breakdowns. But with those the game starts: Negativity messes around with your head and tells you that you don’t deserve it better. Don’t pay attention because YOU DO! No one should be treated like shit, no one should be lied to, no one should be betrayed. And if that happens it is not your shame to carry, it is not your conscience to be cleared. Don’t take their guilt away. Be brave and don’t loose your positivity. 


Some of you would say that age doesn’t matter. But it does and mostly til around the 30’s. In every age you perceive the things around you differently because your brain saves the past even without your knowledge. When you were born you (first of all) learn the basics about life; how to breath, how to eat, how to walk and than finally to speak. After accomplishing that you learn how to connect to people other than your family. You start to school surrounded with a lot of strangers who quickly became your friends. Everything seems so great because a child is pure with his actions and intentions. But when you get older you start to rebell and have this judgy glasses on your nose… you question everything and everyone. With time you learn that you get to be understand if you start to understand others. And so the first steps have been made in changing your perspective with graduating school. You become a young adult with a lot of dreams… You are shining and running but forgetting what’s important. Now it’s time for your biggest mistakes in life, which will define you and what you really want. You will fall once, you will fall twice … Don’t worry it only makes you stronger. At the end you realize that you shouldn’t trust all people and you get waved back to your family and true friends who already shown their loyalty. Because near the 30th you get bored of childish drama and wish for your younger lying „friends“

to get their shit together and finally to grow up!

Ying yang and such things…

Everything is based on contrast. Nothing is simple, nothing is easy and especially not how it seems to be. Like a medallion and its two sides, so has everyone two personalities, even if they don’t accept it. No one is an „inside-out“ or an „open-book“. someone who is loud and crazy is mostly just broken inside and tries to cover it up. And someone who is silent like a mouse is perhaps just planning a crapy game in his head to destroy others but mostly themselves without knowing. The point is there is a whole other world in everyone’s mind. We don’t know how crazy, how bad or how great it is and we can’t. All we can see is what we are allowed to see. 

But nature says that humans make mistakes, so sometimes those mistakes open a little window to the hidden secrets. Don’t be disappointed if you see something you don’t like or aprove. Because like the fact that darknes can’t live without lightnes and vice versa, so it is with bad and good. 

We all have some bad and some good sides of us. Don’t be afraid, be open to accept yourself and those who surrounds you. Just try to overrule „the bad“. 

Safe and Sound

Everyone tries to fit in in larger groups, because we all wanna be a part of something, something bigger than us. We wanna feel safe and sound. And hell no, we don’t wanna have the feeling being alone in this damn world. So we adapt ourselves and get lost. We start to forget who we are, what our values are and how we wanna live. We get lost in arrogance because we feel secure enough to think that nothing can hustle us from the cozy chair we are sitting on. So we do mistakes, we do things we wouldn’t do usually. Because we act without thinking. Because we forget to think…

Today I know, more than ever, I don’t wanna be a part of a group.

The only thing I wanna be a part of is my family, where i can be myself with all my rights and wrongs. Everything else is just a lie to be not a lone.

Be British

To find something to be excited about means also to fear to loose this something. It is a weird feeling. You are sure but also not sure and you don’t know if you can trust your feelings. You are sceptic. You start to think twice or even more. You want to do something but you don’t have the guts. You are afraid of failure. This is an unknown uncomfortable situation.

Well at this point nothing can help you other than the truth. Just be yourself. This is a guaranty of no-wrongs 100%.  If you win fate was on your side the whole time. If you fail it wasn’t yours to begin with.
Calm down and be yourself.

Back to ZERO

Life doesn’t start over with new eves. But nevertheless everyone is making new plans, taking new decisions. „This year I will do it right. Yes, this year I will do it better.“ First it seems to work, because the motivation has been grown up to the sky. But some days later everything is like the old days. One old habit after another comes around and so we wait till next new eve to take „new“ decisions and to try again.

I say don’t wait and don’t push it too far away. If there is a thing you want to change do it now and do it fast! Don’t be satisfied, be happy!

They may not be a next time…

Everything is possible. Don´t let your dreams and hopes get lost.