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Mind blowing

Those days which are full of emptiness block you from being free. Open your mind, let it observe the energy around you. Because only your mind can accomplish the integrity of development. Your mind is in charge of your beauty, which is related to seeming young & fresh. Don’t read to much into things. That is just exhausting and eats you up. Use your energy for running after your dreams, for running after what feels right and not what is right … You have to feel it with all your guts, you have to want and love it … 

Logical decisions may stand for a life time stability but it doesn’t allow you to gain absolute experience of all the emotions you could get from life. For better or worse it is worse to walk around with no brain function than to feel anything else. Life shouldn’t be safe, life should have his up and downs, only this way we can find true peace.


Bottom up

Don’t think it can’t get worst because it can. Right when you think you got it all under control life gives you another slap. It only gets better when you arrive to the deep end, when you get to the bottom of the bottle. Because then you know there are some things you can’t control. 

Accept that life is a challenge and you just a gamer. You are allowed to dream and make plans, sure! But don’t get tooo fixiated. Be open to changes, be open to the idea that everything is placebal. 

Don’t waste your time walking through the tunnel thinking about the next 4 or 5 pathes you are suppose to take so your plan works out. Just walk and even dance a little bit and decide wich path to take when the time comes and the options appear. 

Now it must go up!

„Baby, i got a plan, …

RAN, as fast as you can!“

There are many many times where life is just a pain in the ass. If one problem is solve, the next one is already ringing the bell and dying to come in. And sometimes it gets even worse, if we have to deal with a hand full of bullshits, eehm … i mean problems!

Best thing you can do is to leave town and let everything behind. Lie to everyone, even to yourself. Create a new life and create a new „I“!

Did you get the irony here? Now listen:

Running away from everything doesn’t make better anything! You can fly to the other end of the world, you can hide away from the world…  but in the end every truth  will defeat your lies. The more you wait the bigger the crash gets.

There is no peace no quiet in a world based of wrongs.

There is no hope no dreams in a world build of lies.

Don’t go back, don’t ran! Go forward and face your problems, one by one.  Save your soul and your happiness.


I am in love with you, since the first time I saw your smile. But it wasn’t your smile that convinced me. It was your eyes. There was a story behind. I could see it, i could feel it. I knew you were the one. Deep down i still believe in it. But it can’t be a real love. Because real love means destiny. And destiny didn’t show up in our story. That is why i tried so hard to forget you. But still you are there. Even if I can’t see you in real life, you show up in my dreams. Again and again. You are there and I can’t do anything about it. You left a little hole in my heart that couldn’t  close, that couldn’t heal. Or perhaps you didn’t left a hole behind, you took a piece of my heart with you. Because i wasn’t able to feel anything good for someone else since you…

Don´t worry, Be happy!

I banished stress from my life and welcomed joy with open arms. I am gonna say “don’t worry, be happy!” again and again. If you want trouble, stay the hell away from me! If you want it easy-going, join the world and me. Lets show everybody that life can be beautiful! (I sound a little bit like a hippie, but it’s ok, at least better than an “agro”, who turns every little thing into drama) I certainly don’t need drama, I need life, which is really valuable and unfortunatly also too short…

Ps: I am on an “ignore-trip”. Even if you say or do stupid things, which may lead to stress, I DON’T CARE!!!

I just don’t care anymore…

Plan B for life

We all wanna do such things like leaving everything behind or quit our jobs. But to know there is no back stops us from acting our thoughts. To fantasize is the easiest part. But fantasies are based on our personal imagination of life and how it should be and definitly not how it is. Perhaps deep down we know that and we know that our acting wouldn’t end like our fantasized life. Because life always double cross’ our plans. Does that mean we should give up on dreaming? Don’t you dare! Keep dreaming and keep trying to live in a better world. Just don’t forget your plan B! ;)