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You know what?! 

I am the worst! 

Because I am terrible in reading people! I really really really want to see the good in people, to believe in people and to trust in people. But it’s getter harder and harder and even a little bit impossible. This last year I learnt that you can’t be sure of anything. Everything can change like *boom*

So what now?

Let’s find a dark corner and start to cry. Cry baby cry. Cry till your eyes get red. 

HA! That is the easiest way and beside that what does it get us? Only a broken heart and a demaged mind.

I worked hard to become who I am and I am not giving up trying to stay that way. I successfully banished hate and anger out of my heart and mind many many years ago. Now I am gonna banish those people who try to put them back into my life. Yes, it is a little sad to let some in only to cross them out. But you can’t see the future so I am gonna open that door again and again till I found the apple which isn’t poisoned. 


„Baby, i got a plan, …

RAN, as fast as you can!“

There are many many times where life is just a pain in the ass. If one problem is solve, the next one is already ringing the bell and dying to come in. And sometimes it gets even worse, if we have to deal with a hand full of bullshits, eehm … i mean problems!

Best thing you can do is to leave town and let everything behind. Lie to everyone, even to yourself. Create a new life and create a new „I“!

Did you get the irony here? Now listen:

Running away from everything doesn’t make better anything! You can fly to the other end of the world, you can hide away from the world…  but in the end every truth  will defeat your lies. The more you wait the bigger the crash gets.

There is no peace no quiet in a world based of wrongs.

There is no hope no dreams in a world build of lies.

Don’t go back, don’t ran! Go forward and face your problems, one by one.  Save your soul and your happiness.