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You know what?! 

I am the worst! 

Because I am terrible in reading people! I really really really want to see the good in people, to believe in people and to trust in people. But it’s getter harder and harder and even a little bit impossible. This last year I learnt that you can’t be sure of anything. Everything can change like *boom*

So what now?

Let’s find a dark corner and start to cry. Cry baby cry. Cry till your eyes get red. 

HA! That is the easiest way and beside that what does it get us? Only a broken heart and a demaged mind.

I worked hard to become who I am and I am not giving up trying to stay that way. I successfully banished hate and anger out of my heart and mind many many years ago. Now I am gonna banish those people who try to put them back into my life. Yes, it is a little sad to let some in only to cross them out. But you can’t see the future so I am gonna open that door again and again till I found the apple which isn’t poisoned.